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I'm headed to Barcelona for a week to visit one of my best friend's in the world. I hope you all remember to check back with me next week to see and hear everything about my trip!!!

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Just for fun!!

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Well, just to prove that I'm not all seriousness and boring, last week I had a FUN, SILLY good time at the SPICE GIRLS concert!!!!'anticipation'

I think most people my age will remember how popular they were back in jr. high and high school - so imagine my surprise when the audience was comprised of mainly 12 year old girls!! They were what, 5 yrs old the last spice girl's album in 2000? So they did all their standards of course from their 3 albums and changed outfits LIGHTENING fast for each song! It was really pretty amazing. They were very energetic performers if not the best dancers. I really was expecting some crazy choreography from them!
At one point they all did a little solo and Victoria Beckham ( POSH SPICE ) did Ru Paul's 'Super model' - you can see her strutting it here. Everytime she was up on the jumbotron screens the little girls went NUTS -I really felt bad for all the other Spices -it was clear who the favorite was! She was SOOOOO skinny, Posh needs a burger!
Anyway -it was a really good time and hopefully these pictures attest to that! I got a spice girl's coffee mug to bring to work and give me something to smile about on those rough days!! Spice up your life!!

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Timothy Richard's is an architectural artist working in the UK who creates wonderful models of well-known architectural sites using plaster but also the actual building elements such as glass, copper, lead, etc.
Kennsington Palace doorway, London
Casa D'ovo facade, Venice
Royal Hospital for Seamen , Greenwich model
Palais Royale, Paris facade section
These are incredibly precise and detailed models - ranging from models of just doorways to entire buildings. The prices unfortunately also range from $150 for a small model of a doorway or simple bookends to $10,000s for the larger models ( which of course are the most exquisite! ).
temple of the 4 seasons, UK, modelSt. Bride's Church, London, model
Casa Battlo, Barcelona, facade
Lutyens Temple, Buckinghamshire, England model

While many of the models are British in origin, the continent is well represented and my own Washington DC! Someday someday.........I love anything in miniature like this!
White House doorway, Washington, DC
Decatur House, Washington, DC. facade
Supreme Court, Washington, DC. facade

You can check out his website at
pictures courtesy of timothy richards
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In case you didn't see the movie -here is the song in question that is SO amazing and won for best song. This is a really charming movie - a realistic love story about the creation of a song. The melody is, as I said before, haunting.
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I just want to post a plea for help for the people at the MOUNT - Edith Wharton's estate. I recently read about this on Pigtown's blog; This is on my top 10 places to visit and I sincerely hope they don't have to foreclose! I am making a donation today and hope that everyone who reads this does the same! Even just a little bit! Edith Wharton basically started the interior design movement and brought great design down to the masses to enjoy! Her home was her laboratory and it's so imporant that this remains open to the public. Our history is our future. Make a donation please! Send in a check or call and make a credit card donation (thats my plan). More information on their website at
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and the oscar goes to.....

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So I didn't really watch the oscars other than John Stewart's opening ( can he say that stuff? meanie ), they're generally pretty boring and there are only 1 or 2 categories I really care about; on top of that I didn't see most of the top-rated movies which sweeped the nominations.

However, what I do love are the fashion choices of the evening! Here are a few of MY awards.


Nicole Kidman - I love this woman. She is so striking and had the sense to divorce a CAH-RAHZY man. I also love the unusual necklace, despite the obvious 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' necklace/boob problems.


Penelope Cruz - timeless, elegant, so chic


Miley Cyrus -but why was she there?? appropriate lack of jewelry for a teenager, appropriate dress COLOR - YAH!!


Jennifer Garner -you are adorable - A-DOR-A-BLE - love the necklace! LOVE the bracelet! love everything! I don't even mind the boring soul-less black! Can I hug you?? PS I love it when you're on Martha - I'm a martha freak too! Have your people call my people, lets do lunch.


Don't cut me with those shoulder blades or cheekbones- you can have my wallet!! EAT A BURGER and maybe carry a baby or kitten at all times for softness. love the bracelet though


Katherine Heigl - but it sort of works, right? I love that she wore color ( hint, hint Hollywood)


Anne Hathaway - so beautiful - like a geisha or 19th century courtesan - I bet it tastes like spun sugar


I love you Helen Mirren, but lose the jacket thingy -what are you hiding? You look great though!


long skinny black ties - bow ties are OVER -these images prove my point. Not even George Clooney can pull it off successfully.


John Travolta - tone it down, you big queen -and COME OUT


I know you were a stripper before writing the over-rated JUNO, but do you have to announce it like this?


to best song from ONCE - the most haunting melody of the year! I hummed it for weeks after seeing the movie

Overall, everyone looked great. I know people were trying to keep the tone down because of the recent writers strike but honestly, NO MORE BLACK LADIES. There's enough on the men! And to end with - this photo displays that not only is Nicole the most beautiful woman on the planet, she ALSO is nice to REALLY old men...........nuf said......... (Nicole, I heart you! )
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Princesse de Lamballe

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Similar to Marie Antoinette's Petite Trianon, her best friend, the Princess de Lamballe had her own little retreat. I recently found out about it in this month's issue of 'World of Interiors' (easily my favorite magazine and one which I HOARD). Created in 1780 on her estate Rambouillet near Paris, the adorable little cottage has an amazing room decorated using shells. Unfortunately she didn't get to enjoy it long before having her head cut off, so sad. I'm not talking about a few little shells glued onto a fireplace surround either....i'm talking an ENTIRE room - totally over the top!!
Sticking to the Louis XVI style - it is incredibly detailed and precise. No kindergardeners were at work here! Look at this detail!

Probably my favorite part of the room is the 'mirror' over the fireplace created using mother-of-pearl. How beautiful and creative is this!

pictures courtesy of World of Interiors, March 2008
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So it's been awhile since i've visited my blog.....I think I felt I was turning into a boring old history professor with smelly clothes, facial hair and spectacles and thats not entirely how I wanted this blog to go and I needed a little breather to regroup. I need some variation....
So I found inspiration in this BEAUTIFUL cabinet!!!! I don't know what excites me more.... the tiger wood, the antiqued mirrored shelves and top, the beautiful green interior, the wood tracery on the glass doors, the leather handles or the metal feet. This would be the perfect showcase for a collection of books, china, and just little bibelots that everyone has. 2 flanking a doorway would be really special or one nestled in a corner or beside a bed in a bedroom with all your treasures sending you off to sleep.

sigh with me now - *pretty*!!

I found this on this fantastic girl's blog who also has a furniture collection - Tracy Porter
slim and trim!

All pictures courtesy of her website, until I can get space and a spare 3k for the cabinet...probably not happening!

ps -even the back is beautiful!!
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High and Low

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Every Friday I look forward to the newest New York Social Diary designer's house feature. This week the home of architect Gisue Hariri is featured.
I really loved this apartment because it seems so REAL. While I could use with a little more stylistic mix ( maybe a few great antiques, preferably wood to warm up the whiteness ) I love the mix of high and low that is shown -which to me is very true to life. The fact that NYSD features homes 'as is' and not staged really helps warm them up as well.

There is a mixture of high quality vintage furnishings ( the Saarinen table and other classics which you know I love and the Bertoia chair ) and some Ikea finds ( some chairs and wall-clocks ). Of course if there were 1 or 2 18th century antiques thrown in or at least a klismos chair or two I wouldn't complain! Those aged stone floors are just BEAUTIFUL too!

I also love the open feel of the apt. While the views aren't 'million dollar views' they really are great; facing some interesting buildings and providing TONS of natural light. The simple window treatments also help with this open feeling.

The expanses of white are always a great city calming wall treatment and the punches of bright color really enliven the apartment. This is like..the stereotypical architect's apartment done to PERFECTION!

Check the weekly designer at home article online at
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