Bastille Day Announcement

Since today is Bastille Day (or Fete Nationale as it's known as in France), Heather from Habitually Chic and I thought it was the perfect time to announce our trip to Paris in early September!
We had talked for months about wanting to go visit Versailles and you can't do that without visiting Paris! We plan on staying in the city with at least a day devoted to exploring Verailles. Another must of course are the fleamarkets! I can't wait :-)
Of course, I'm most excited though about visiting the Petit Trianon which i've blogged about several times in the past. I hope that by the time i'm in my dotage I'll be an expert on the small chateau and this is just the start :-)the theater at Versailles
We have a lot of exciting things planned to share with all of you, but I hope you can share with us as well. Are there any 'musts' we should do on this, our first trip to the city of lights?

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