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Yesterday Catherine from The Shiny Pebble tagged me in her Bag tagging post. I feel so guilty that over the past 3 years (and change!) I have been tagged quite a bit and have never played along; Bad blogger! I thought it might be interesting to compare my workbag to a woman's purse as all of the other nominees were ladies. However -my messenger bag is basically a 'manbag' as you can see - so purselike it's embarrassing! Lets dig through this mess, shall we? Don't judge!
-Reading materials for the bus - check! Vanity Fair and Veranda today.
-Sketchpad (courtesy of Little Augury) and drawing pens.
-Ipod, flashdrive and camera (obviously not pictured) with associated cords
-Wallet and keys. Yes -my keychain is a measuring tape, I am an architect after all!
-Library card, work access card, extra business and blogging cards and a random coupon.
-2 burts bees chapsticks (I'm addicted to these but still not sure why I have 2), powder paper (to 'clean' my face if i'm going somewhere after work), gum, random old allergy medication tablets, a mint and some hand lotion stolen from a hotel (don't make fun -I get VERY dry skin in the winter - ouch!).
-Ordinarily I carry lunch and a snack to work and papers and drawing sets home as needed. Neither of these were in my bag at the time so they're not pictured!
The bag is a hard canvas messenger bag with leather trim by Jack Georges which I love and always get compliments on! Simple, practical but still attractive; I've been using it for about 3 years now. Thanks Catherine for thinking of me! On with our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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