More of China in DC

Downtown isn't the only place in DC with a touch of Chinese Architecture (remember THIS post?)The Chinese Pavilion at the National Arboretum contains a beautiful collection of bonsai, some dating from the early 17th century and donated by the Japanese royal family. These tiny specimens weren't the only objects of my delight though, but rather the structure they were contained within. I love the underside of the entry pavilion's red painted undercarriage. Check out this gorgeous detail.
The adjacent wall isn't too shabby either! These undulating walls remind me of the garden walls at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest (see my post linked here to compare, photo towards the end).Surprises are around every corner throughout the garden. My favorite though was probably the most subtle; the detailing of the aluminum guardrail below.
So what is the obsession DC has with China? It's well founded for sure!

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