Where Fabulous Lives

I spent the afternoon today at Hillwood, the estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post, which I've blogged about many times in the past: House, Gardens, Greenhouse & Japanese Garden. While I did a quick spin through the house and gardens (how could I not?), I was there primarily for the exhibition on Sevres which ends next week.
It was a gorgeous day as you can see and the grounds were PACKED, always a comforting sight.
The exhibition on Sevres was located in the back garden, in the Dacha. The small exhibit ranges from the infancy of the factory in 1740 at Vincennes, to patronage of the French monarchy and works through the year 2000. It was shocking to see how modern a lot of the older pieces were!
As part of the exhibit, the dining and breakfast room tables inside the house are set with some pretty spectacular Sevres. Many thanks to Steve at Hillwood for alerting me to a very special piece of porcelain in the exhibit and inviting me to the estate today. That particular piece was a cup and saucer commissioned by Marie Antoinette for the dairy at the Hamlet of the Petit Trianon! Thanks for thinking of me, Steven!
While walking around, I noticed these bootscrapes by each door, I'm not sure how I missed them before: adorable dachshunds!
Don't less this fantastic opportunity pass you by - visit the exhibit before May 30th!

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