While in Provincetown, I picked up this ceramic bird at one of my favorite shops, Yates & Kennedy, that reminded me so much of the cute birds at Deyrolle that I wanted to bring back so badly (but couldn't make it through customs). A few people made fun of me calling it 'granny' but I just think it's adorable. What do you think?
At the same store I also picked up this beautifull scented candle by Patch in NY (their website has the BEST music in the background). Named 'owl' it is scented of sandalwood, tobacco and vetiver and I can't wait for fall to light it!
I also stopped by John Derian's shop where I picked up a few things but this year I didn't take any pictures unfortunately. His shop is a MUST either in Provincetown or NYC! Have you done any summer shopping?

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