Cypress Inn, Carmel

After leaving San Francisco, my next stop was Carmel where I spent the majority of my vacation. Yes, this is the week of hotels at ArchitectDesign!I stayed at the Cypress Inn, one of the better known hotels in Carmel, partly owned by singer & actress Doris Day.
The board-formed concrete building dates from 1929 but has had many lives, mostly as an assisted living residence, believe it or not! It was built as the Hotel La Ribera by Dr. Rudolf Kocher and Hugh Comstock, the most well known developer of Carmel.
The Spanish / Mediterranean style architecture fits well in the moderate climate and besides the fairytale styled cottages by Comstock throughout the village, the style tends to dominate the area.
Part of the development lies further up the hill and is not part of the hotel. Notice how it is taller up the hill to catch views of Carmel Bay.
Around the side is a courtyard garden for guests, where visitors can take tea, breakfast or just relax. The hotel is known as being extremely pet friendly and nearly everyone you see has a dog or two with them. Because of this, it has become the hangout of many locals, who were so incredibly friendly that within an HOUR of arriving I had made a few friends I spent time with throughout the week: all at the bar of the Cypress Inn!
More photos of the courtyard. In this detail shot, you can see the board formations in the concrete: a look the architect in me LOVES. Notice how thick these walls are, the hotel is really quiet inside.
As a nod to Doris Day, this small planting area had a sign referring to one of her movies 'please don't eat the daisies'! LOVED THIS!
The lounge behind the lobby was constantly buzzing with locals and guests. Doris Day music is the continual soundtrack in this public area and posters from her movies line the walls.
For an old movie buff like me -this was heaven! The food and drinks were really great too.
The restaurant is known as Terry's, after Doris's son who was part owner in the hotel but unfortunately passed away years ago.
I loved this chandelier in one of the hallways.
My room was located in one of the newer parts of the hotel and it really was a home away from home. I loved the beamed ceilings.
The jacuzzi tub in the corner of the room didn't hurt either! In true California style, complimentary sherry and fruit in each room.
The french doors in the room faced this quiet little courtyard.
And I couldn't not include this fabulous vintage mercedes owned by the other owner of the hotel(or rumor had it).
Fabulous hotel, fabulous town and fabulous car!

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