A foodie holiday

I just spent an exciting weekend visiting friends in New York. One of my favorite things about the city during the holidays are the window displays. My favorite this year are probably the windows done by the amazing Simon Doonan at Barneys (which just happens to be one of my favorite stores in the city!).This years theme was a foodie holiday. Hilarious caricatures of everyone's favorite foodie hosts participated: from Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray (grimacing from a clock!) to Paula Deen with her pockets filled with sticks of butter (I loved that one!).
Mario Batali was unceremoniously stuffed like a pig on the dinner table in one window while a glamorous evening gown reminicent of Grace Kelly in the masked ball of To catch a Thief was created from Illy coffee bags in an adjacent display.
Nothing beats New York for getting one into the holiday spirit (and spending more money than you mean to!). What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?
Did you know Barney's has a blog? It's really fun, check it out HERE.

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