San Simeon: Tower bedroom

Located high above the Casa Grande is one of the favorite guest rooms at the ranch: the tower bedroom (just one of 58 in the main house). Located in one of the 2 bell towers, the bedroom is like a disney movie's princess bedroom and many of Hearst's most famous guests requested this room when visiting the ranch.Getting there isn't easy and includes a lot of steps up winding stairways. While the outside is clad in white stone, the interior is left with the bare poured concrete walls which I think look amazing, especially with antique lanterns to light the way!Here we are at our destination, fit for a princess (or a harem!). Of course, the ceiling is a gorgeous antique and the main feature of the room.
Romance is the theme, shown by....ahem...the mirror over the bed.
Be careful what you wish for however, as a saint stands guard in one of the many windows!
This jumble of rooms at the top of the mansion is a maze; without a guide you would surely be lost. I wonder how Hearst's guests managed? I've heard that wandering around the estate past curfew wasn't encouraged (in fact was discouraged with dogs let loose throughout the house) so getting lost wasn't an option in the evenings.
Each room hidden away in these attics hold as many treasures as the rooms below, with the benefit of a marvelous view.
As with all of my San Simeon posts, written permission was kindly granted to post my interior photos of the estate on this blog only. Please respect that and do not copy. Thanks!

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