NY in miniature

While in NY this past weekend, I had to run an errand with friends at a Toys R Us and had a pleasant surprise; famous NY buildings in minature built of my favorite childhood toy, legos! The scale of the buildings was dead on and it was amazing how no detail was overlooked with the little bricks.

I loved the context of the buildings next to one another, the Statue of Liberty next to the Empire State Building.

The beloved Chrysler Building was also included.Even King Kong wasn't forgotten on the top of the Empire State Building!It was interesting to see Phillip Johnson's Lipstick Building at such a small scale but maybe a smooth curved building facade isn't the best out of clunky legos?

If you're in NY and find yourself near Times Square (AKA tourist h*ll), stop in Toys R Us at 1514 Broadway to see the sites (or at least stop by candyland for some treats!)

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