Mrs. Meyers

This weekend while doing some shopping I noticed that Target has started to carry Mrs. Meyer's products! If you're not familiar with them - the company produces all natural and aromatheraupic ( is that a word?) cleaning products. You can be green, health conscious and help your nose as well! I already love washing dishes, but this geranium dish soap makes it even BETTER!
My 2 favorite scents are geranium and lavendar. I know, geranium doesn't sound like it would smell good -but it DOES! Target is still light on different 'flavors' and had mostly lemon verbena (which I do NOT like!) but I was able to get some laundry detergent in lavendar. In the past I was getting Mrs. Meyer's products at whole foods which carries a very large variety of products and scents. They also come with great packaging so you're not stuck looking at an ulgy box or bottle. I think Martha would approve!!

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