singin' in the rain - the classic umbrella movie

Recently in one of my favorite little shops to pop into here in dc, TABLETOP, I came across these WONDERFUL umbrellas unlike anything I had seen before. Not bulky and cheaply made in basic boring colors but beautiful prints and colors with marvelously elegant, thin, leather covered handles. They are from a company called PARE umbrellas out of Seattle (how fitting!).
this one is 'sonnet' -i think the white handle is very lady-like
'mia' -this one is fun!
Umbrellas (and also parasols) used to be used as fashion accessories. My grandparents had a collection of all sorts of really cool old umbrellas to match the occasion and their outfit -all so frail though now that they were falling apart and couldn't be used anymore unfortunately. These days you are lucky to get an umbrella that isn't boring black and that will last more than 4 uses! Pare is there to change that!
'mod-leaf' - a contendor for my favorite!

the unusually shaped square 'trixie'
The founder was inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg!!! Anyone inspired by a classic old movie is all-right in my book!
movie posters from the umbrellas of cherbourg
the beautiful Catherine Deneuve in her mother's umbrella shop - check out those handles.....on the umbrellas, you pervert!!!

While she designs these umbrellas as works of art for women -I think a few of the designs are suitably unisex, right? I especially like THIS black striped one called de fafa - green is nice though too!
So one of these days when you see me with a super stylish umbrella, now you'll know why! A life worth living is found in the details, afterall! (yes, you may quote me on that!)

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