Filoli dining room

This short post is in honor of the lovely Janet for whom I took the above photo. The dining room at Filoli is beautiful but relatively unremarkable. However, this embroidered screen done by the tuesday stitchers group of the Assistance League of San Mateo County is really breathtaking. Depicting the house and gardens as well as a crop of outbuildings, I took this picture expressly for Janet. It really captures the heart of the estate. The embroidery replaces an old french tapestry from the screen which hid access to the dining room from the butler's pantry.The room is paneled in oak and contains many pieces original to the house such as the Bourn's dining table. The painting over the bolection style fireplace is one of the treasures of the collection and is a still life by Jan Weenix.Whats a post on the dining room without some information on the kitchens? Pictured above and below is the incredibly spacious butler's pantry with 17' tall ceilings. This is larger than most city apartments and it's not even the kitchen, folks!As in most other rooms of the house, fresh flowers are introduced, connecting the indoors to the gardens. I really loved these pretty purple flowers in the green ceramic vase. You can never go wrong with white subway tile: clean and timeless, then and now. Have a great weekend!

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