A miniature world

In the recent NYT magazine, did you notice the little piece on Ji Lee's parallel worlds? The very talented graduate of Parsons is currently the creative director of the google lab but his other passion is the 'empty' space all around us.You know what I mean by that? Well -the pictures probably make it pretty clear -but ceilings and backs of business cards are 2 things he mentioned in the article. He sees these areas in our modern world as yet another great place to express yourself. In one of these miniature rooms for instance, he has placed a tiny guitar and Jimi Hendrix posters to express the inner rockstar of the client. What a charming idea, don't you think? The idea of anything in miniature generally will gain my support: so cute!
His idea of this parallel universe going on amongst our daily lives is also a pretty interesting one. Remember the children's book, the borrowers, by Mary Norton: Tiny little people stealing small items from us all and living their lives behind our very walls? That notion always intrigued me. If not behind our walls, why not on our blank white gypsum board ceilings which no one seems to notice in our modern age.I remember years ago seeing an article about an older woman who collected miniatures (or doll house furniture, whichever you prefer to call it) and arranged rooms on her bookshelves in her living room: LOVE that idea. I think we all like to play god on some level and be the master of a smaller universe. Why not take after Ji Lee and place them on your ceiling?

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