Log Cabins

As a break from the historic mansions I regularly feature here, I thought I would bring you something a bit different. My parents now live in a very rural area of Pennsylvania, where to this day, the popularity of true log cabins still exists and are built regularly. Disclaimer, my parents do NOT live in a log cabin (thank god, I would probably visit much less often if they did). This log cabin is being built on their road and joins others in the area. I think it's so interesting to see it while under construction and the traditional techniques they use. Much like a lincoln log set (remember those?) the logs are notched near the corners and then stacked, building a basic box. The area between them historically would have been filled with a mixture of clay and mud, but today they use efficient blueboard insulation which then will be stucco'd over between the logs, giving a more insulative barrier. The interior will then be lined with a waterproof sheet and then a shallow stud wall will be built that drywall can be fixed to and can house electrical outlets and the like. Not for everyone but it makes for a nice visit!
Photos taken with my droid incredible while walking the dog over Easter weekend, thats why they aren't actually so incredible. Back to our regular and more stylish scheduled programing tomorrow.

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