Vizcaya: circular staircase

Besides the main staircase at Vizcaya, right off the courtyard is another more sheltered stair, which also ascends to the southeast tower.
The little stairhall is decorated with more ancient porcelains and a little gilt table. Thick limestone treads are cantilevered off rounded walls forming a beautiful stair with bronze railing. Covering the first floor thru the third in an efficient manner, this was probably a more commonly used stair.Lit by sconces, the plaster walls are painted 2 charming shades of green (which speak so heavily of the era) as well as white plaster details.Looking straight down, the marble floor on the ground level gives you a focal point with its' design.The hall is brightly lit by sconces, a leaded glass window as well as a skylight.No detail overlooked, the design of the skylight matches the flooring down below. Also notice the mirrored walls of the barrel which help reflect more light into the hall.
Which stair would you choose to take? I'm definitely taking the circular staircase!

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