Hamptons Designer Showhouse: Raji RM & Associates

Another of my favorite rooms at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse, I'm proud to say, was done by a good friend of mine here in DC, Raji Radhakrishnan.

Raji, smiling here as always, composed a room very much in line with her work; Eclectic but edited, a fascinating collection of the most beautiful and interesting pieces which make the room feel to me as if an interesting person lived there rather than being 'decorated'. To my mind, isn't this the goal of high-style interior design?

Raji explained that the room she started with was basically bare bones, a staff bedroom on the lower level. The first task she assigned herself was to bring some architecture into the space through a painted wood chair rail and moldings. They MAKE the room. Raji interpreted the space as a ladies lounge for the mistress of the house. She wanted the room to tell the story of an accomplished woman who needed a stylish office to conduct her own business away from the family. Imaginary client: Hillary Clinton. The pieces throughout the space are all amazing -you could spend all day here just admiring each one. I loved these vintage pottery jugs.No inch of the room was forgotten with beautiful details throughout.Even the light fixture was incredible!I think we can all agree this is a room we would want to spend time in; especially this tufted leather chair!The most show-stopping item in the room is the glass rod encased cabinet in the corner. Created by a French artist that Raji and her husband discovered wandering around Paris, the borrowed piece has an asking price of over 50k! Look but don't touch!One of the most personal and asked-about spaces in the space, believe it or not, was the bathroom. Raji's talented daughter, Shruti Narasimhan spent countless hours painting a beautiful coral decoration on the walls with coordinating shower curtain. It's no surprise however that the apple didn't fall far from the tree; Shruti currently is studying interior design in NYC.For better pictures of the space than my own, go to My Notting Hill to see professional photographs.

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