Hamptons Designer Showhouse: Ron Foire for Hickory Chair

The enormous master suite at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse was designed by Ron Fiore for Hickory Chair. Using many of Hickory Chair's classic pieces, Ron wove together an elegant and airy bedroom with different zones for a hideaway within the house.

I loved the desk beneath a window facing the pool beside the fireplace; those large work areas are so useful for spreading out!

The tablescapes around the room were stunning, whats not to like with this collection of vases?Although a bit washed out in my photograph, the sitting area looked like the perfect little corner to cozy up into. I love having those 2 lamps side by side in the shelf for reading lights.

A virtual footboard for the bed was created with the backs of these timeless chairs (even Christian Dior would approve!).

If I had to find one fault with the room, and this is personal, I hate the trend to cover books with paper. While I agree it makes the room more serene perhaps, I just love books and hate to see them covered. A bookshelf is so much more interesting when there are titles to survey.The master bath was completed by Carole Reed Design and I loved the layered window treatments. Even I, a sworn shower taker, might be tempted by this tub (and my monogram is even included on that towel!).

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