Casa Lleo Morera

The store which I mentioned yesterday in Barcelona, Loewe, is housed in a famous moderniste building named the Casa Lleo Morera. Renovated by architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner in 1902, the building continues the decorative modern architecture of the neighborhood that Barcelona is known for.
Unlike later modern styles, the moderniste buildings in Barcelona (such as those by Gaudi) are full of interesting and gorgeous details. The style reminds me so much of the work done in the United States, and in particular Chicago, by Louis Sullivan, for whom Frank Lloyd Wright was an intern.
The name, Lleo Morera, is not from the name of the original owners but rather the lions (lleo) and mulberry trees(Morera) seen in the decorations.
If you are ever in Barcelona, I highly encourage a visit to this fabulous building and store!

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