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One of my favorite things to see in Barcelona, which you won't find in many guidebooks, is the beaux arts styled main post office.Centrally located off the Barceloneta metro stop, just below the Born and the Gothic quarters and with views of Port Vell, plenty of people pass this building and assume it's a cathedral of sorts.
Yes, you are reading this correctly, this grand building is the post office!Since you'll probably be walking by numerous times a day during your stay, take a peek inside with me.The quiet entry vestibule is efficient but begins to prepare you for the main room beyond with the beautiful details of stone columns, bronze lanterns and a dentil'd cornice (a common Beaux arts design layout).I thought this stair, while beautiful, was perhaps a bit understated for such a grand building, but I suppose it's not meant to gain attention: guests not welcome in the offices upstairs!The piece de reisistance is the main postal room with beautifully frescoed ceiling.Now THIS is the place to mail your postcards home!In case you still don't believe me, it is labeled plain as day, Correos. The space is light filled thanks to the glass dome a few stories above.
Just another close up of the beautiful columns and that ceiling.
Tucked into a corner was a bit of history. I would assume Spanish mail isn't still delivered using these bicycles (but as slow as it is, it just may be!).

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