Placa Reial

Directly off La Rambla is one of my favorite spots in Barcelona, the Placa Reial or Royal Plaza.
Built in the 1850s, the central fountain in the plaza has become one of the prime meeting spots in the city.Admittedly very touristy, as is much of La Rambla area, the arcades surrounding the plaza are filled with countless (mediocre) restaurants. However, if you don't speak Catalon or Spanish, the menus are available in English and it's a wonderful place to spend an hour absorbing a beautiful space in a central location. It's not all tourists though; while not mealtime, locals gather here to soak up some Spanish sun under the stately palms!
Of course, it wouldn't be Barcelona without a touch of the modernisme; the Neo-Classical lamps were designed by the cities' most popular architect, Antoni Gaudi.
Be sure to walk through this enormous and beautiful square while in Barcelona!

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