Back from Paradise

Heather and I are back from our whirlwind trip to Miami and Nassau and I have to say the weather was the best part of the trip; 80 and sunny every day!
My favorite part of the trip, other than the weather, was visiting the incredible Vizcaya. I've been to a LOT of house museums, as you all know, but this ranks in my top 5. Imagine a gorgeous, fantastical palace set amidst stunning gardens with views of Miami Bay and you have Vizcaya. I can't wait to share more of the mansion with you.
Later in the trip I was also able to tour the historic Biltmore Hotel in charming Coral Gables. This grand old dame was no disappointment and I wish we had stayed here for a few extra days!
The interiors appear to be original which is rare in a high end resort. I'm not sure which would be a better location for a wedding: Vizcaya or the Biltmore! And I can't forget the fabulous inaugural cruise of Oceania's Marina. It was the first cruise for each of us and I have to say, we're spoiled for all future cruising!The line prides itself on incredible food and service, including the inestimable Jacques Pepin who we met, ate dinner in his restaurant (in part prepared by him) and received a signed cookbook. We docked in Nassau for a day but the best part was relaxing on our private deck with a view of the town. Weather, food, friends and gorgeous locations; Who can ask for more from a vacation?

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