Coral Gables Congregational Church

Directly across the street from the Biltmore Hotel lies the Congregational Church of Coral Gables. Started by George Merrick in 1923, the building of a church was a priority as he happened to be the son of a Congregational minister. This building stands as a grand memorial of sorts to his father. Designed by the architect Richard Kiehnel, the building is modeled after an earlier church in Costa Rica, in the Spanish Baroque style. These iron lanterns flanking the front door are spectacular. I love the contrast of the rough stucco with the smooth white painted stone and smooth terracotta tiles. Those little round windows are adorable! I can imagine the number of couples who get married at the church with a reception at the Biltmore to follow!The landscaping, as in all of Coral Gables, is very rich, leafy and green, not what one neccesarily associates with Florida. Yellow stucco, green palm trees and blue sky, thats all I ask for in a vacation!

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