New York, New York

I'm back from a fun filled weekend spent in New York with the highlight being a visit to my favorite museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Admittedly, I'm not there for the art. I adore the period rooms and have seen them literally hundereds of times (but can never get enough).My favorite has always been the moody Venetian bedroom, seen in the top 2 photos.
The beauty is that there is something for everyone!
The details of these rooms are just amazing, no matter which period.The lighting is spectacular; Different details are highlighted, moods created and scenes come to life in dappled sunlight.You can get up close and personal with items from history, who can ask for more?Room after room -it's an entire day spent admiring the architecture and design of the past.After being indoors all day a quick trip through Central Park, seen below, and lunch in my favorite nearby restaurant, EAT cafe, completes the adventure!
The perfect Saturday in the city in my book!

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