Vizcaya: the entrance loggia

Enough teasing, lets get to the good stuff; the interiors of Vizcaya!
Right off the entry drive are 3 arches, lined with blue curtains, that make up the entry. If you'll remember, Chafin selected these blue curtains with yellow trim as they fit in with the Venetian fantasy he was concocting and they also provided practical shelter from the wind and rain.
The house was essentially split into two interior portions with outdoor hallways and vestibules connecting them. In the 1980s, the central courtyard and loggias were enclosed for preservation, altering the way the house is experienced but preserving it for future generations of budding house tourists!
I'm not sure if the iron gates are original or not -does anyone know? John Singer Sargent, who I'll speak about at greater length in another post, was particularly enamored with these double columns and bemoaned the use of these curtains which seperated the interior 2 columns from the exterior.
A closeup of the local coral stone -just gorgeous. I love the way green moss grows in the crevices, so pretty against the pink coloring.
Right inside the front door, hiding the view of the courtyard, is a large screen and fountain -not only providing privacy but leaving as a surprise the expansive openness of the house. Don't give it all away at once, right, just like mom said!
The entrance loggia (as this western loggia is known) has a plaster groin vaulted ceiling and patterned marble floor. I love the 3d effect of the floor pattern.
To the left of the entry is the more formal 'foyer' with adjoining cloak rooms and reception room while to the right are the more utilitarian spaces such as a flower arranging room and service quarters.
These 2 doorways with beautifully carved overdoors and antique salvaged doors were the real 'front doors' of the house, leading one into the interiors. Join me tomorrow as I begin the tour with the entry hall!

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