Vizcaya: visitors center

Soon to be reopened after major renovation (following flooding, the dangers of seaside living!), the visitors center at Vizcaya is located in the lower level in what was once a bowling alley and Deering's smoking room.
Entry to these spaces are on the north side of the house, directly opposite from the main gardens and beside the pool. Interior access to the pool is through these spaces at the base of the stair from the ground floor. I love this turquoise doorframe color! The bowling alley lies right inside the doors and will house the cafe. Bright, clean and simple, this space won't show up any of the 'historic' interiors and will be highly functional. Due to past renovations and the flooding, I don't believe there were any remnants of the bowling lanes or any other details left to preserve.More stylish, but no less utilitarian, is Deering's smoking room, located in the northwest corner. I loved these colorful marble floors. The fireplace is a European antique and the ceilings are original to the space.Hopefully you will be visiting here soon enough -I believe it opens this spring!

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