Vizcaya: The pool

Last week, in my post on Vizcaya's bayside facade, I mentioned the pool which ingeniusly slips into the house for access and shelter.The Swan was kind enough to remind us that the pool's grotto has a ceiling which was painted by the artist Robert Winthrop Chanler.Chanler, like others involved with the project, received his education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Deering hired him to work on an 'under sea' fantasy fresco to decorate the interior of the pool grotto.
The exterior access to the pool is via flanking coral limestone staircases that matches the rest of the house's stone.
Interior access to the pool was via the lower level through 2 sets of french stained glass doors. These doors are adjacent to held Deering's smoking room (soon to be a giftshop) as well as a bowling alley (soon to be cafe)!
The ceiling was first sculpted of Gesso and painted while still wet to result in the fresco we see today. The floors are marble and echo others seen throughout the house. Notice the lovely bronze guardrails.Moulded seashells and other sea life decorate the scenes.The painting has not weathered the humidity nor the occasional hurricane damage well but the effect is still lovely. Imagine how lucky Deering's guests felt to be taking a dip here!

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