Lord Palumbo's cars

Recently while in Western Pennsylvania, I visited Kentuck Knob and was surprised to see another of Lord Palumbo's collections; antique cars! Some could barely be called cars as they were merely the first motorized vehicles that looked a lot like bicycles to me. This has happened numerous times, oddly enough: I visit a house museum only to have a collection of antique cars gathered for the day or a collectors convention, such as the time I visited Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, seen HERE.

Kentuck knob is a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1956 for the Hagan's.They were friends with the Kaufman family and for years had been visiting them at their summer home down the street, Fallingwater and had admired it. They asked Frank Lloyd Wright, by then world famous, to design their new house and though he took on the commission, he was far too busy to visit the site after the first visit where he chose the future location of the building.If you have never visited, please do yourself a favor and visit both houses -they are pleasures!Not all of the cars gathered were antiques. A porsche enthusiast club was also holding their event that day and to see 100s of well-designed porsche's outside of world class architecture was truly a day in the making!

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