Mondrian Hotel, LA

While in LA last month, we stayed at the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Boulevard strip in West Hollywood.

While alarmingly trendy and popular a few years ago, the hotel has calmed down (a bit) and was a comfortable and pleasant place to stay.

The lobby featured this fun lounge area and bar off to the side of the entrance. The hotel was originally designed by Ian Shrager in 1996 and was more recently freshened up by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. I loved some of the details such as the ball and claw foot stools and the Venetian white glass sconces.

Our room faced the strip with lovely views of the Hollywood Hills (and the restaurant Katana above). Per that time of year, fog romantically shrouded the hills each morning.

Looking down the strip you could see the Sunset Tower Hotel (on the right) where we spent the majority of our time in the lovely restaurant and bar. Just across the street from there is the Chateau Marmont.

The room was enormous, by any standards, and featured this sitting area above seperated from the bed by a bizarre 'stripper pole' with framed tv set behind mirrored glass.

While a cool feature, it was a bit uncomfortable to watch yourself lounge in bed or on the couch staring at yourself. I wish there was a way to turn the mirror off when the tv turned on! Above you can see the reflection of the bed in the tv mirror.

The bed area was draped on one side against the windows while the other side was draped to hide the enormous CLEAR glass shower which could easily hold 4 people at once (or more). Can we say peek-a-boo? Fun feature but hard to maintain privacy in a shared room.

A desk area greeted you as you entered the room via a long hallway with a 12' long kitchenette behind (bigger than my kitchen at home!).

The bathroom had amazing lighting (with a lot of control) including a lamp on the double vanity; a feature I love! The hotel offers Malin & Goetz products which I came to love -especially the rum body wash. While I'm not sure I would stay here again as it's just not my style, it was really a fun hotel and a great location. Be sure to check out out if you make it to Hollywood!

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