Neoclassical detail

Since we're on the subject, I wanted to share some more of the Neoclassic collections at the Getty. This lovely cabinet was almost architectural in its' detailing.

This Bed from 1775, a Lit a la Polonaise, would make any little girl's heart scream with desire (and it may do the same to mine, but I won't admit to it publicly).

This gilded settee reminds me of one from the aging courtesan's apartment in my favorite movie, Gigi; just made for a canoodle.

Of course, the Neoclassical style was sometimes severe and imposing but always beautiful -such as in this tableux above. I love the touch of whimsy in the chandelier though; it once had a gold fish swimming around the lower bowl. Neoclassisicm isn't all seriousness, it's all in the details!

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